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  • Circuit Breaker Panel (Non-Illuminated)

    This non-illuminated circuit breaker panel is CNC Machined for the highest precision from a lightweight acrylic composite. It is finished in aerospace grade matt black paint to contrast with the high quality laser engraved white lettering.


    Text is fully customisable as are the ratings for each circuit breaker. You will need to fill out a form which we will send you once you have placed an order.


    The panel is capable of being retrofitted with our backlighting PCB so if you achieve your night rating at a later date you don’t have to buy a whole new circuit breaker panel.


    We supply a template so you can cut the right size hole in your cockpit panel. Once your cockpit panel has been cut, wire the circuit breakers to the corresponding instrument(s) and then simply screw or pop rivet in place.

    • Features

      • Can be supplied with eight customisable W23 Series Circuit Breakers
      • High quality laser engraved, fully customisable lettering
      • Altitude Operation -1,000 ft to +40,000 ft
      • Capable of being retro-fitted with backlit illuminated at a later date
      • 1 Year Warrantee
    • Dimensions

      204.5 x 49 x 6.5mm

    • Weight


    • Shipping

      Due to the bespoke nature of this product please allow 1-2 week(s) for Fly Visuals to manufacture the panel. 

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