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  • Nationality & Registration Marks

    Set of Vinyl Registration Marks.
    Vinyl comes pre-cut and spaced according to CAP 523 including:
    1 x 500mm Underwing registration markings
    2 x 300mm Fuselage/Tail registration markings

    Vinyl is industry grade Avery Dennison® 800 Premium Cast. For colour options, or if you would like a different size, please see the image above and contact us once you have placed your order with your preference.  


    Our default colour option is Matt Black.


    Letter Spacing


    Each letter and hyphen is separated from the letter or hyphen which it immediately precedes or follows, by a space equal to either one quarter or one half of the width of a standard letter. We space your letters so you don't have to according to CAP 523 but please let us know what spacing you would like

    • Dimensions

      Quarter Spacing Dimensions

      Wing Marking: 500 x 2417mm

      Fuselage Marking: 300 x 1450mm

      Half Spacing Dimensions

      Wing Marking: 500 x 2833mm

      Fuselage Marking: 300 x 1700mm

    • Durability

      • White/Black up to 10 years 
      • Colours/Transparent up to 8 years
    • CAP523

      To find out more information on The Display of Nationality and Registration Marks on Aircraft, please click here.

    Letter Spacing
    Set Type
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